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Peter Davis informed us of a new Classic Bike Show at Stanmer House Brighton Sunday 20th and every month on the 3rd xxxxxxx. Check out their Web Site.

  Only recently got this one. This Thursday 17th a Run is taking place at 09:30 usual meeting Place in Haywards Heath. Ron can't make now due to a Hospital appointment, I also have a Hospital appointment on the day.

Pete Hide asked that the French Rally Regulations be shown on the website


Regulations of the rally

Article 1: Priority shall be granted to any cyclecar in this rally, including scooters or motorcycles with or without sidecar where the year of manufacture is prior to 1995 and complies with the legislation.
Article 2: This event is by no means a contest of speed or endurance.
Article 3: Entrants must comply with the Highway Code as well as local regulations.
Article 4: Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
Article 5: Each participant must be in good standing with his insurance policy.
Article 6: Traffic is in single file along the right edge of the roadway.
Article 7: The event is signalled by an unmarked car leading the convoy.
Exceeding this vehicle is prohibited.
Article 8: The participants are required to respect the instructions given by the group of bikers flanking the convoy.
Article 9: Each participant is responsible for incidents or accidents he might commit, or provoke. It cannot, in any event, in holding them accountable organizers.
Article 10: The organizers reserve the right to refuse certain entries and to disqualify any participant who does not respect the safety instructions.
Article 11: Participation in the rally implies acceptance of these Regulations.

The "Caux'llection Motorcycles" invites you to its

" French Anglo Rally"

From 28th June to 2nd July 2018


DETAILS of the 2018 RALLY awaited

The 21st French Anglo rally for

Antique and classic motorcycles


21st "Classic ride"

Details awaited for the 21st "Classic ride" Starting, June 28-29 2018.XXXXXXXXXX " Caux'llection Motorcycles" offers about 100 kms (62 miles)loop around the region.

In the morning we will take you in groups of 5 or 6 bikes to explore varouse sites, then on to a restaurant. After lunch, XXXXvisit the castle and its rose garden Mesnil GeffroyXXXX.

The return will be in groups of 15 to 20 bikes by picturesque roads Caux up Thérouldeville where you can cool off while waiting for the classification of the rally.

You can finish the day with a buffet served at the village hall.

All club members are invited to the welcome reception of the English bikers on Friday evening at 18 h 30 at the village hall. A barbecue will follow this welcome.

Sunday, July 5, we will show our motorcycles in Caux Retro in Allouville. A meal will be offered by the organizers to the owners of the motorcycles on display.

Register before June 23

Rally Saturday, July 4

8 h 30: Welcome of participants to field sports Thérouldeville

  9 h 30: Departure of the tourist rally

12 h 30/14 h 15: Lunch at restaurant

15 pm: Visit of the castle of Mesnil Geffroy

17 am: Departure for the second part of the rally.

18 h 30: Aperitif and prize giving.

The answers coupons accompanied Regulation (checks payable to "Motorcycles Caux'llection") are to be returned by the
June 23 deadline to:

12 E Street Rectory

17 am: Departure for the second part of the rally.

18 h 30: Aperitif and prize giving.

The answers coupons accompanied Regulation (checks payable to "Motorcycles Caux'llection") are to be returned to the
June 23 deadline to:


12 E Street Rectory
Tél :  02 35 29 49 48 / 02 35 56 83 86
E Mail : jb.guenot@wanadoo.fr
















Wheels for Troops 2015

Wheels for Troops is now heading towards it forth annual event, to be held on Saturday 4th July 2015.

Wheels is a not for profit group who aims to support those members of the community who are or have served in the three UK forces. We will also support those who are physically and mentally injured, their families and the families of the bereaved. This is achieved through the promotion and monitory support to some of the invaluable smaller military charities.

This is done through our annual Motorbike Ride and Family event to be held this year on Saturday 4th July. The Ride out will commence in Tunnel Road Reigate and after 25 miles it will culminate the Family event at a Redhill Memorial Park. Here there will be fundraising stalls, food and drink, as well as some rather special entertainment. The details of the later will be release once confirmed. With the support of three local councils, it promises to be a fun filled and successful day.

The day will start from at 10 am in Tunnel Road Reigate where the riders their bikes and supporters will enjoy a warm welcome of bacon butties and coffee, being available from The Market Stores. The ride out will set off at 11 am prompt and follow a route through Epsom and Ewell followed by Mole Valley before finally returning home to Reigate for an afternoon of entertainment.     

The ride will be fully marshalled and signposted. All participants are asked to make a £15 donation to take part in the ride, for which they will receive an event t-shirt. Riders can register by emailing w4t@live.co.uk or by requesting via our face book page ‘Wheels for Troops Beyond 2014. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheels-For-Troops-2014-and-Beyond/775211722511701

Money raised from 2015 event will be used to support the invaluable work of the following charities.

The British Legion Poppy Appeal

BLESMA Limbless Verterans






you can go direct to the Show website  Ringmer Steam and Country Show www.ringmershow.co.uk

*******Mr Barry Radbourne

Looking forward to another successful  year and seeing you all again.





> From: Office <Office@amberleymuseum.co.uk>
> Amberley Museum - Vintage, Veteran & Classic Motorcycle Show - Sunday 3rd May 2015
> Dear Previous exhibitor,

> Please find attached an entry form to exhibit at our ‘Vintage, Veteran & Classic Motorcycle Show’ – on Sunday 3rd  May 2015.

> If you would like to exhibit your motorcycle at this event, please post the completed form to us at the address below. A stamped SAE would be very much appreciated. Or alternatively scan and e-mail the form  to us at office@amberleymuseum.co.uk

> Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the museum office.

> We hope to be hearing from you shortly, and seeing you at Amberley in May.

> Regards,

> George Parkinson
> Museum Assistant
> Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre
> Tel: 01798 831370
> Fax: 01798 831831




There are a few changes being made to the show this year, and after many de-briefs, we have made the decision to move the camping off-site for the first time. There are a number of factors that drove this decision, due to traffic and parking issues in 2014 and the growing interest in camping, we believe this will reduce a number of issues for 2015. I have attached more information about this, which includes a map of the new location, although the area isn’t located as near to the arena as it once was, it is still only a 10 minute walk from the campsite entrance to the main arena. Any campers that are interested in the Motoring Demonstration, will still be offered a secured camping area next to Brooklands Motoring Paddock which is on-site. We are also changing the Wheels Zone layout back to what it was in 2013, which means the Stunt Zone will be on the tarmac behind the static displays again.


There are two options for participating at the show, the Wheels Zone & Parade or the Motoring Demonstration. I have attached some information about both for your perusal. We have an ‘early bird’ discount offer at 35% for the Wheels Zone & Parade if you book before 31st March.

If you would like to join us please complete the appropriate online application forms below;

Wheels Zone & Parade Online Application Form

Motoring Demonstration Online Application Form

Alternatively if you don’t have access to the online forms, you can send them back to me, by either email or post. You will be able to pay online from 9th February through the online application or by card over the phone by calling the office between 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday on 01483 542 226 (a £2.50 booking and p&p fee applies). If you post your application form back to us, then you can pay by cheque made payable to Dunsfold Park Ltd (a £1.50 p&p fee applies).

You are welcome to apply for both but will only be accepted for one, if you’re applying for the Motoring Demonstration, then your application will be reviewed by Brooklands and they will contact you whether you are successful or not. All applicants are on a first come first serve basis and we have limited availability, due to this we cannot accept everyone.

If you would like to discuss your involvement further I can be contacted by email at emily.hooton@rutland.co.uk or by phone 01483 542 226 or for further information please visit www.wingsandwheels.net.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Emily Hooton








Keith,hi  can you put this up on our website please , French Trip is 3/4/5 july    J B  Is saying it will be a good one this year ,not that any of the previous ones  have been anything else in my opinion , so Accomodation ,if its the Hotel  -d Angleterre  its $75-00 single and $45 sharing thats Euros , but this year we need to book early ,because the Tour -de France is in the area later that week , and we can stay in the hotel friday / saturday  but not sunday  we can relocate to another owned by the same group in Fecamp they will give us the loan of a car to assist , so i need some confirmed numbers , please reply e mail rogerd@euromechstorage.co.uk  or 01273 842290  Thank you R D  





   France this year will be  Show of off road bikes at Anny Barville on march 29th      Rally in Theroulderville july 3/ 4 /5 th        4 hrs  in Valmont August the 30 th  just dates for your diarys at this stage i will find out what the room rate is at the hotel ,  we sort of need confirmed numbers reasonably early so J B  can sort out meals cheese bottles of wine etc etc , i would add that it pays to book the ferry early you get a better deal ,, i think you can get the wrinklys discount  over the phone but I  usually just go to Newhaven and book it , So thats it something nice  to anticipate for 2015  Happy xmas Roger D



Dear All

Whilst my riding days ended when my infatuation with all things ‘motorcycling’ evaporated I still retain an interest in motorcycles along with the fortunes of the club I started in 1995.

I was sorry to read on my recent visit to the Club’s website of its imminent demise twenty years to the month after its inception.  I know that the committee have worked tirelessly – often in the face of appalling inertia and apathy – to keep the club going.  Whilst I would like to thank them for their work it is really the remaining, and past members who should be showing their gratitude.I felt that I would like to write in order both to express my gratitude for their work over the years – especially the most recent ones – but to share my thoughts too.

A few years ago I attended the Rocker’s Reunion Run on Madeira drive, Brighton and visited the Club Gazebo.  I was astonished to be told by a then-committee-member (who shall remain nameless) that the Club was not actively seeking new members because “it has enough already and, anyway, more than a hundred becomes too difficult to manage”!  I was astonished at such complacency; you’ll forgive me at arriving at the conclusion that the writing was [then] on the wall for the Club.I hope that this individual concerned feels vindicated in witnessing the membership to have since fallen to eminently manageable proportions!The Club’s success – and growth – over the years has been due to a combination of enthusiasm, imagination, friendliness, innovation and mutual interest.  From the very start I was against (and I am guilty for not fighting harder for these aims) over-regulation (I can hear those fateful words, “We MUST have a Constitution”……it was never adequately explained just why), clique – iness, complacency and – yes – torpor. Indeed, when I founded the club I said – and I gather that this principle remains – that an interest in British motorcycles was paramount, not owning one.  A few of you may recall me leading our early Sunday runs on my Honda CD175!  In short I wanted the Club to be fun!

I am not prepared to step in once more as Chairman; my life has moved on and I simply live too far away to be actively (as in ‘on the ground’) involved.  However, if there is anyone who has even the slightest interest in stepping in to save what was once a really fun club then you can get in touch worth me via Keith West and I will offer as much advice, support, ideas and help as I am able as you take up the rewarding challenge of Chairmanship!.
With hope and best wishes

Tim Thornby



            CHAIRMAN’S CHAT

It may have come to your notice that we did not have an updated edition of the Magneto last month. This was because Brenda did not have anything to write in it! I’m sure all of you would like to join me in thanking Brenda for her sterling work over the last five years. She’s done a terrific job with not a lot of help from the rest of us!
 We held a committee meeting last Tuesday to discuss how we felt about the future running of the club and I’m sorry to say that every committee member has decided that they will not be prepared to carry on running the club beyond the end of April next year. We have all decided that we can no longer find the enthusiasm or commitment to continue when there is so little involvement from other members. We understand that people’s circumstances may have changed and we are none of us getting any younger. I don’t think any of us ride as much as we did which is a real shame but a fact of life. It appears to be a similar issue in other motorcycling clubs so ours is far from unique. We as a club have been unable to attract any new, younger members and so our numbers are decreasing at an ever faster rate as our current members age and give up riding.

Currently we have only 32 paid up members, but we only generally see maybe 18 at monthly club nights and club runs seem to be a thing of the past.
I am writing this with great sadness as I remember the good times we all had not so very long ago, but I cannot see how the Club can continue beyond April next year unless some new blood can take over and regenerate the Club. I hate the thought of having to wind up the Club but unless someone is prepared to take it on that is what will happen at the next AGM in May 2015. The club will be disbanded and the Club’s funds will be given to a charity of the committees choosing. A sad end to a once brilliant club!

On a happier note the Committee are hoping that as many as possible of you can join us for what will probably be the final MSBMC Christmas Dinner. Please contact one of the committee members if you are interested. The club will be subsidising the meal and we are asking club members and their guests to £7:50 PP.. the club will pay the outstanding £9:45 PP.. to the total £16.95 as we now have a definitive price from The Hassocks

Brenda is collecting the money for the meal and menu infomation please contact her


Please remember that this Sunday there will be a Remembrance Day meeting at the Castle Inn at Bramber. We will be meeting there by about 10am with two minutes silence at 11am.

Please attend if you are able as funds raised on the raffle go to Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion charities.
Please also support the annual Toy Run which this year will take place on Sunday 7th Dec when toys and cash will be donated to the Crawley Lions for distribution to local needy children. We will be meeting at the Bolney Motorcycle shop at 10am.

Many thanks and please give some thought to the Club’s future.

Best wishes Dave Willmer.





Christmas Dinner Hassocks Hotel 20th December 2014 7:00 for 7:30

Richard will be sending out menu's to all members NOT at the club night on the 2nd October last



Christmas Menu

20th December


Brussels Pate on a bed of mixed leaves with melba toast
Homemade Vegetable Soup with roll & butter
Prawn Cocktail on a bed of mixed leaves with brown bread & butter
Rosemary & Garlic Crusted Brie on a bed of mixed leaves with cranberry sauce


Roast Turkey with all the traditional trimmings
Roast Beef with all the traditional trimmings
Lamb Shank in a red wine and rosemary sauce
Mushroom, Brie, Rocket and Redcurrant Filo Bundle
Haddock Florentine on a bed of spinach in a rich west country cheese sauce


Christmas Pudding with custard
Triple Chocolate Bavarois with cream
Banoffee Pie with cream
Tiramisu with cream
Coffee and Mince Pie


see above for the prices


Hi Guys, Again more very sad news,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that an ex club member and good friend of Richard Upham and Pip, Dave Lafbery has passed away. We last saw Dave at our club barbeque, held at Pete Hide's last year, and he then told us he was having treatment for the dreaded cancer. He also informed us regarding Richard's health and that he also was very ill.

Dave had been on a few of the early French trips,but we have not seen him out on a bike for some time.

His funeral with be held on Friday 26th September 2014 at Fletching Church at 4pm. If any of his old friends from the club would like to attend they would be very welcome.





Hi  the Valmont time trial is to be run again this year on Sunday 7 the September, J B says he would be pleased to see us all again, if you want to stay in Fecamp in the Hotel -d Angleterre its £72  £42 sharing car park out the back, Ferry is about £80-00 depending upon how old you are or look , its old bikes only unless you just want to watch, its a great day this please come and enjoy the fun Roger D   Kieth can you put this up on our site for me thanks R D






Hi All, On a lighter note it seems that one club member has found a safer mode of transport ( see club photo's)




Mystery of the Traub Motorcycle
In 1967, a plumber doing renovations of an apartment building outside Chicago tore down a brick wall and found what would prove to be a baffling mystery to vintage motorcycle enthusiasts - a one-of-a-kind motorcycle bearing 1917 plates and the name "Traub". The building’s elderly owner admitted that his son had stolen the bike before going off to WWI, never to return. But where the bike came from and who made it remains a unknown to this day
Currently residing in the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, the Traub is considered by many to not only be the rarest motorcycle in their collection, but in the world.

The Traub was sold to Torillo Tacchi, a bicycle shop owner in Chicago after its discovery who later sold it to Bud Ekins - famous as Steve McQueen’s stuntman - while Ekins was on set of the Blues Brothers movie in the late 1970s. The Traub was later sold to collector and restorer, Richard Morris, who then sold it to Wheels Through Time Museum curator, Dale Walksler, in 1990. It has been on permanent display in the museum collection ever since.
Don't think this unique motorcycle is merely a museum piece though. Walksler rides the Traub fairly regularly. When asked about the engine components, he enthusiastically replied, “Everything inside the engine is just magnificent. The pistons are handmade, and have gap-less cast iron rings, the engineering and machining being simply years ahead of their time.”

"When comparing other top motorcycle makes and models of the era, the Traub has no equal. Comprised of a sand-cast, hand-built, 80 cubic-inch "side valve" engine, the machine has the ability to reach speeds in excess of 85 mph with ease," says Walksler.
Aside from its few off-the-shelf components, the Traub has many unique handmade features. The three-speed transmission is thought to be one of the first of its kind and the rear brake, a dual-acting system that employs a single cam that is responsible for pushing an internal set of shoes, while pulling an external set, has never been seen on any other American motorcycle.

"For a machine to have such advanced features, unparalleled by other motorcycles of the same era, is truly outstanding," said Walksler. "It's my opinion that The Traub was an attempt at a new breed of motorcycle. But how on earth could a machine have been produced in such great form, with capabilities that far exceed that of any comparable machine, without the knowledge of the rest of the motorcycle industry during that time."
The hunt for the Traub's elusive origin hasn't stopped. "While we may never know why the machine was placed behind that wall, we do hope to one day find out more about its history and the genius that created it," said Walksler.



update 01/03/14

Keith Brenda  , Hi can you put this up on the website please            John Bernard has found us another camp site for the same  sort of money, but unlike the other place we can stay from Thursday to Monday  its  in a place  called  Port en Bessin.   not where the French are staying unfortunatly  but not far away, if you do the Portsmouth Caen crossing  which leaves at about 8-30 am on both days with a 5 hr crossing  so it all fits , well on paper it does !!!!!so if you want to be on this trip  you need to do two things, tell me or J B to sort your accomodation    and book your own  ferry they have  a special promotion on which is £78-00 return  its Brittany  tel  08712440744  , hope to hear from you Roger D .



update 24/02/14


As most of you now know, there will be a new event this year.  This will be from Friday, 30th May to Sunday, 1st June so it would be advisable to travel to France on Thursday 29th May. Looking at Brittany Ferries,  Portsmouth -  Caen sails at 8-15 a.m. arrive 3pm . or Portsmouth -  Le Havre  who do an overnight crossing  leaving about 11pm . both would be fine.  Your choice.  At this moment bike and one rider is about £120-00 return.  This will rise the nearer the date. I will not book ferry travel this year so you need to make your own arrangements .

The itinerary is Friday, Colleville U.S. Cemetary, Hoc Point and St. Mere Eglise.   Saturday, Longues German Battery and Arromanche Museum.  Sunday, Pegasus Bridge and Museum.

Our accommodation will be at Etreham.  It is a 3 star Camp Site with mobile homes.   2x types  one with 6x beds as a twin and 4x singles, the other is as a twin  and two singles.  The cost per chalet per night is $85 for one $80 for two. If anyone wants a single  or as double with two  separate rooms you would take the whole chalet.  Meals at the site are $25 or you can do your own thing as there is a kitchen in the chalet.

I now require the numbers Quickly so  that the accommodation can be arranged.  So, please give me a call 01273 842290 or email at rogerd@euromechstorage.co.uk.

With  many thanks



Hi everyone ,this is what Jean Bernard is proposing for this year no French trip in July instead some time down near the Overlord landing sites , he is looking at accomodation on a caravan park near Bayeux ,(nice town) He recons the all up cost of about £200  Euros , including food  the date is friday 30th may till monday 2 june this is just before the aniversary commemorations , i dont have all the final details as yet but he wants to know how many of us want to come, Travel  well you can still do Newhaven Dieppe and ride down  100 odd miles or  Portsmouth   lE  Havre  a bit nearer 40 miles ,or Portsmouth Caen very near 10 miles or so , cost on the last one return bike rider £120-00  With an  8-30 departure at both ends , so you all have 3 x choices with bob in the tunnel i guess that makes 4 choices , for that reason im not getting involved in any travel booking this year , but i would suggest its cheaper to book early , so it sounds like a lot of fun J B knows that area well has friends down there , I  have been a few years ago its a very moving place to visit and this is a nice opportunity to do it in a special way so contact me if you want to come 01273 842290 or rogerd@euromechstorage.co.uk






Hi All More very sad news Richard Upham one of the clubs early members.

From: Chris Hamlin <chris_hamlin@rocketmail.com>
To: theateam1@talktalk.net <theateam1@talktalk.net>
Sent: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 6:04
Subject: Fw: Death of Richard Upham

 Hi Brenda,

Maybe you remember me from 10 years ago as a member of MSBMC.  I used
to ride a Noriel.
Some sad news that Red Commando rider Rich Upham who was a very active
club member and ran Ace Enterprises in Portslade very sadly died
yesterday in New Zealand.  Many of the club members may remember him
and I wanted to be sure they were informed.  Rich's life partner Pip
died a few years ago in Brighton.

If anyone would like to contact me (maybe Graham York if he still
rides) please feel free to give them this email address.

Chris Hamlin BSc.
Principal Technical Safety Consultant
Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines



Richard sent in a few pictures of the weekend at VALMONT ( see below)



..from Jean Bernard





Subject: BSA OC OPEN DAY 2013

Hi Everyone at Mid Sussex British M/C Club.

You are cordially invited to our Open Day and Classic Bike Show on Sunday 1st Sept at the White Hart, Lower Horsebridge. BN27 4DJ.
The show starts at 1200 Noon and has many classes including one for modern bikes. Entry is On The Day and there are awards for each class.
There is also a BBQ and Disco and many other attractions.
The bike show takes place behind the White Hart, entry is from the B2104 and will be signposted.
We look forward to welcoming you to our show.
Should you wish to contact the club please use the form on our website at www.bsaoceastsussex.moonfruit.com.
Kind Regards and Safe Biking
Geoff King
BSA OC East Sussex



Hi all, More sad news yet again , Pete Hide phoned me last night 22/05/13 to say that Andy Cook of Brits and Pieces in Burgess Hill had passed away after a heart attack on Tuesday evening, The ambulance was called, but failed to revive him, so another great loss to all who knew him. He was of course one of the earlist members of the M.S.B.M.C, I will update this web page as soon as we know more.


The funeral arrangements are Friday 7 June at 13.30h at the Surrey Sussex Crematorium in Crawley.

Lisa is trying to get bikers to ride from Andy’s house in Wivelsfield to the Crem.Aprox 12:30 ,with a wake at The Woolpack, Burgess Hill afterwards. She would like to know any interest so the numbers can be catered for.

If anyone has any photos of Andy it would be nice for a display.


Tom Gambrill

These photos came from Clive Etherington today,31/05/13... many thanks Clive.







Phil Woodhams passed away on 3rd February 2013.
Garage Proprietor Philip Woodhams tragically took his own life in the early hours of Sunday 3rd February. It is thought that the knowledge of being diagnosed with terminal cancer and only having a very short time to live was too much to bear and was the sad cause to him ending his life.
Known to all as 'Phil from the Garage' he was a well known character in the village of Poynings where he and his wife Helen have run the garage for the past 25 years. A very keen biking enthusiast; Phil was a highly respected member of the motorbike community and a well known figure locally.

Funeral to be held on Wednesday 20th February - 2.20pm
Kingswood Chapel, Worthing Crematorium, A24, Findon BN14 0RG
The bikers will be leaving Sussex Four Wheel Drive, Poynings BN45 7AQ for Phil's last ride at 1pm .


Hi Guys, more sad news for this month, see below, most of the older club members knew Phil, Dave Willmer has been in touch with Helen and she would like some of the guys to ride behind the Funeral Car, pickup point 1... leaving from Phil's workshop at Poynings to the service at Worthing..... pickup point 2.. from Destination Triumph, Washington, West Sussex, RH20 4AJ.. not sure of times but about 1:00 at Poynings and 1:30 at Washington seems about right, Please ring Dave for anymore info..


This From Lynne

Hi guys, I don't know if you have all heard the news about Phil Woodhams. He died suddenly about 2 weeks ago. His funeral is on Wed 20th Feb 2.20 at Findon Crematorium, nr Worthing. Helen has asked as many as possible to go on their bikes. Some are leaving from Phil's garage in Poynings at about 1pm (I think) and others are meeting in the layby near Destination Triumph. I'm thinking about 1.30pm. I hope some of you can make it. There was no one keener on riding his bike than Phil and it would be nice to remember him with a ride in.




Hi , everybody . Jean Bernard , has given us the following dates for France this year , Event 1x Canny Barville show and Bike jumble Sunday 24th march German . Belgian Eastern. European bikes .Event 2 x main Therouldeville weekend Friday 5th july to Sunday 7th july , ferry crossing this year is about £60-00 return as last year it will get dearer nearer the date Hotel cost probably about the same as last year ., Event 3x 4Hrs Valmont this is pencilled in for Sunday First of September. So if you want to go, please get in touch, i will organise only Event 2 ie get ferry tickets and book hotel accommodation Events 1 and 3 are up to you , but if you want more information just get in touch with me e mail rogerd@euromechstorage.co.uk or 01273842290 . This is our 13th or 14th trip losing count hope to see as many as is possible this year all the best Roger Dillon . Brenda can you put this in the mag keith on our site please. Thanks. Tim hope you are back riding be nice to see some of your guys this year .




please click on link above for the boys at VALMONT MOTO 2012

Below a few of the photo's from Pete Hide 2012