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Tom Gambrill
Andy Cook – Brits and Pieces.

It would have been Andy’s 67th birthday on July 14, and it is the anniversary of his passing. His daughter Lisa thought it would be good to get some bikes together.

So she has invited any of his friends to meet up at the workshop and look round the refurbished building, as she has tried to keep it as it was left, after he could not get down there. Afterwards she has arranged, with Val, some refreshments at his house just up the road, and everyone is invited

The workshop will be open from 10.00h on Sunday 13th July, for looking not rummaging, and it will be nice to see some bikes in the alley, a photographic opportunity?

See you there.

Lisa, Steve and Tom
Lisa Cook
I am opening up my dads business/workshop on Sunday 13th July. Its been over a year since I lost him and its his birthday to on the 14th, so I wanted to do something in remembrance for him.  
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