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Tim Thornby
Thanks for the offer Keith: most kind. However, I now live in Norfolk! I'll await the AGM outcome with interest!
Keith Diamond
Hi Tim.

Good to hear from you. Thanks for still showing interest in the Club. Please come along one evening. If transport is required then one of us can pick you up. Yes I will publish the results of the new AGM Committee members. Membership has been dropping in the last few years as we mature and some give up riding. Hopefully we can maintain current numbers going into another year. I'll keep you posted.
Tim Thornby
Hi Keith. Good to hear that the club keeps pottering along. I still look at the website to see what's news. Do you plan to put the results of the AGM on this site?
Best wishes to all
Tim (Founder)
Keith Diamond
Hi everybody.

It's AGM time next Club Night the 5th of May. Sorry for late notice I've been ill in bed the last three weeks and was not think about the AGM as in the back of my mind I thought it was later in the year. Please pass this Notice to Attend the AGM on to any one you are in contact with or meet, bump into or Ride with.

Bob Ayling, Keith Diamond and Ron Mundy.
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