Club Constitution



 1.                   Name of the Club 

Mid Sussex British Motorcycle Club or abbreviated to MSBMC

 2.                   Object of Club 

The Club will provide, for itís members, a focal point for an interest in Classic British Motorcycle marques, with the Club based in Mid Sussex.Ownership of a Classic British Motorcycle is preferred but is not a requirement for membership 

3.†††††††††††† Management Committee 

The Club shall have a Committee consisting of Chairman, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, Events Organiser, Social Events Organiser, Runs Organiser, and at least one other member. The committee will run the day to day matters of the Club.The Officers and Committee members will be elected at the AGM and be incumbent for one year.  

The Committee shall meet at least bi monthly to plan the activities of the Club, these meetings must have at least three voting Committee members.  

The Chairman will preside over regular meetings, and at any special committee meetings.In their absence, a Chairman for the evening will be selected from the committee members attending. 

Written minutes of Committee meetings will be taken and may be seen by members of the Club on request. 

The Committee has the authority to disperse funds for the furtherance of the Club and decide future policy with suggestions of events to achieve the objects of the Club. 

The Committee have the power to co opt other members of the Club for specific meetings or as required. 

The Committee reserves the right to decline membership to anyone, also revoke membership of any member who acts in a way prejudicial to the Club with a refund of any unexpired membership fees. 

3a.†††††††††† Officers and Committee members 

Chairman:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Treasurer:

Club Secretary†††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† Membership Secretary

Event Organiser:††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† Social Events Organiser†††††

Runs Organiser                                  and at least one additional committee member. 

The Editor will be invited to attend Committee Meetings but will not have a vote. 

All nominations for Officers and Committee vacancies, should be received by the Secretary, at least 14 days prior to the AGM.Nominations must be proposed and be endorsed by the nominee and duly voted on at the AGM. 

4.†††††††††††† Annual General Meeting 

Every year in May, an AGM will be convened at a location in Mid Sussex. Prior to the meeting an invitation to the AGM including a draft agenda and a request for nominations for committee posts will be sent to the members by post at least 14 days before the AGM date. 

For the AGM to be held and deal with business there must be 50% of the Committee and at least 7 other members. 

Each full member will have one vote for every ballot. The Chairman will have his own vote plus one casting vote in the event of a draw. 

An extraordinary general meeting can be convened, to deal with any matters arising between AGMs, at the written request of 20% of current membership to the Club Secretary. 

The Club Secretary will advise members 14 days prior to the date of any extraordinary general meeting. 

5.†††††††††††† Finances 

The Treasurer will take responsibility for all monies collected on behalf of the Club and will ensure that every effort is made to invest and disperse the money in a responsible manner. 

Every member shall pay an annual membership fee to partake in the activities of the Club, this Annual fee will be agreed at the AGM. 

All debits made against the Club must be authorised by the Treasurer. 

All monies collected must be deposited with the Treasurer at the earliest opportunity. 

Any monies held by the Club will be deposited in a Bank/Building Society Account.

Access to the Account will be by one signature,(august 2012) which should be the Treasurer.And or two agreed signatories will be by agreement of the Committee. 

The Club will not enter into any loans or mortgages from third parties. 

Prior to each AGM the Treasurer must compile and present an audited statement of Club accounts to the Committee, he/she will present the statement to the AGM. 

6.†††††††††††† Disclaimer for Club activities 

When a member pays their membership subscription, they are accepting the condi≠tions as set out in this constitution document. 

Shows: Whilst the club does have an adequate insurance policy for third party risks this does not affect any legal requirements for insurance relating to having a motorcycle in a public place.It is intended for use at shows where there are static displays. This Insurance only applies if the exhibitor signs the attendance book at each show. 

Club runs: When choosing to join a club run, you must take responsibility for your own insurance arrangements and actions. You must also ride in a manner consistent with current legal requirements.Should you be involved in an incident/accident, it is a matter between yourself and the other person directly involved with that incident/accident. 

The Club, the Run Organiser or any Club Official are not responsible for the actions of any members participating.

7.†††††††††††† Membership

 The Club Committee will consider any application for membership, but are not bound to accept every applicant. 

There will be no limit to the number of members. Each Full member will receive a membership card and a copy of the Clubís constitution. In addition a copy of the current magazine will be sent, by post to any mainland UK address if not collected at the Club night following publication. 


Membership of the Club will run from the First day of May to the last day of April.

 The Membership Fee for any member joining in February or March will cover membership up until the AGM of the following year.

 Any member defaulting in payment of Annual membership fees, three months following the due date will have deemed to have resigned.

 8.††††††††††† Magazine

 It is the intention to publish an independent magazine. The editor will have responsibility for content, there will be no censorship, only that based on good taste and current legislation, also they will be covered by a disclaimer in the front of the magazine, that says that any opinion expressed do not represent those of the Club or the Committee.

 It is also the intention to publish the magazine 6 times a year. The magazine will be VIA the club web page only until further notice........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ distributed at the next Club Night following publication.†and again the following month .Any magazine not collected at Club Night may be sent to Full members only by Post.

The Club may accept advertisements from companies and organisations whose activities relate to Motorcycles or Motorcycle Engineering, which could benefit the members of the Club.

  9.                   Dissolution of the Club

 In the event of the Committee not being able to form an AGM, after three attempts in succession, or a resolution to discontinue the Club at the AGM or an EGM, The Club will be dissolved.In this event all assets of the club will be sold to the highest bidder and all monies to the credit of the club will be given to a registered charity of the Committees choosing.


Revised and Issued in May 2013

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