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The club magazine is now available on-line.

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Hi Members of the MSBMC,

Re The Club 'MAGNETO' magazine.

I do apologise there was no October issue, this was due to my frustration over lack of input.

I have really tried hard for over five years, (my first edition, Magneto154 - April 2009) since taking over the editing from Bob Mitchell, to make reading and content as interesting as possible,

but it has mostly been MY articles, photos that have been reported. I now know how Bob felt, his frustration and hard work, standing in a cold shed printing the magazine.

There is only so much that I feel I can do, without fresh articles/input from the club members.

I have enjoyed making up the club magazine, but have  found it really frustrating and stressful,  trying to find fresh ideas etc; to continue to make it an interesting read.

Therefore there will be no club 'Magneto' placed on the website.

I will continue to email Keith with any photos or reports of events I have attended that may be of interest for the MSBMC website.

Kind regards,

(club mag xxxxxxx)